To maximize profitability and to sustain growth by product and geographical diversification

CORE BUSINESS Real Estate Development, Investment and Operations
Value creation by diversifying geographically and product wise through planning, innovation, environment protection and on-time delivery
SYMBIOTIC BUSINESSES Enhancing Revenue through penetration
Through branding and by creating optimized portfolios with sustained growth. Through acquisitions of new businesses and by increasing our stakes in associates and subsidiaries
EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE Risk Management and Internal Control
Corporate governance and a robust investment management to sustain the value creation


Our mission is to create maximum sustainable value and to be trusted partners for our stakeholders.

  • To attract, retain and develop the best professionals within a passionate investment culture and with whom we share a commitment to Our Values We strive to be full-service real estate development and Management Company, maximizing every investment opportunity.

  • We believe in creating an environment where people want to work, and where personal success is aligned with company success.

  • To identify sound opportunities for property investment that offer opportunities to generate long-term capital growth while returning attractive annual yields.

  • Start Small, Thinking big, Maintaining trust, creating high value and earning.


To become a regional Real Estate investment and development company diversified, recognized for contemporary design in the best remarkable locations and set new standards through innovation and creativity.



KBT’s goal is to maintain customer satisfaction, trust and integrity by delivering quality products and services conforming to industry best practices and continuous process improvement.



  • Passion  

    • Built on commitment, enthusiasm and motivation

  • Respect  

    • Cemented in ethics, integrity and balance

  • Honesty and Integrity

    • We always do what is right, fair, and ethical

  • Innovation  

    • Driven by unconventional, proactive, customized approach

  • Excellence 

    • We aspire to excellence through hard work, calculated risk, and constant self-improvement.

  • Synergy 

    • For teamwork, communication and transparency

  • Accountability

    • We bear joint responsibility for our performance and work towards efficiency and achievement.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    • We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers (internally and externally) by anticipating, understanding and responding appropriately to their needs.

  • Teamwork

    • We encourage and reward teamwork.